07. September 2021

Event Series of the AI Research Group Event Series of the AI Research Group – Summer Program 2024

Summer Semester Program 2024

Bonn AI reading group 

The guiding aim of the AI research group is to provide a forum in which researchers can gain new perspectives on their own work and regular input from across the university on AI-related topics.

This summer semester, most of the sessions will be convened by Audrey Borowski as part of her "AI the Digital" series. 

Sessions are open to anyone interested. If you or someone from your team wishes to join, please send an email to Charlotte Gauvry (cgauvry@uni-bonn.de). Should you wish to present or discuss a paper, a work in progress, or any question regarding AI, please let her know.

  • Next sessions

March-June 2024: AI and the Digital by convened by Audrey Borowski (more information)

  • Previous session

Jan 15: Audrey Borowksi on: Bernard Stiegler 'Technics, Media, Teleology' and other interviews

Dec 18: Yaqub Chaudhary on: Joelle Proust, 'Artificial intelligence as a philosophy'

Nov 27: Apolline Taillandier on: Alan Turing ‘Computing Machinery and Intelligence’ 

Nov 13 Charlotte Gauvry on: David Chalmers ‘A computational foundation for the study of cognition’  

Nov 6: Apolline Taillandier on: Marvin Minsky ‘A Framework for Representing Knowledge’ 

Oct 23: Apolline Taillandier and Charlotte Gauvry on: AI as philosophy, Liu (2023) and Dennett (1978)

Sept 25: Julia Mönig, 'Zertifizierte KI' -Project

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