Mercator Lecture for AI in the Human Context

  • Prof Dr Walther Ch Zimmerli
© Jerôme Schickschneit

Since Chat GPT we are witnessing another global AI hype. In his public Mercator-lecture Swiss philosopher Walther Ch. Zimmerli, at present Mercator Visiting Professor for Artificial Intelligence in the Human Context at the Center for Science and Thought (CST), tries to unveil the hidden mechanism behind the undeniable success-stories of AI by reconstructing its history of recurring hype-cycles beginning with what he calls the„Dartmouth Conspiracy“ and Turing’s „rehabilitation of deception“. The underlying suggestive power of the idea of AI, however,must be attributed to its mythical character as is demonstrated both by contrasting the Gartner hype-cycle theory with the philosophy of myth (Blumenberg), and by semiotically explaining it in terms of analogies and metaphors as well as contrasting it with the Singularity- and the Posthumanism-Myth (Kurzweil).

Humanism and AI

  • 23–24.05.2024, Center for Science and Thought
Humanism and AI
© Dr. Ana Ilievska

The advent of generative AI has sparked a global interest in human-centered AI, leading to discussions about ethics, privacy, and humanity's role in the AI era. This has resulted in the resurgence of Humanism, with various initiatives worldwide exploring its contemporary form. The conference seeks to delve into the characteristics of this new Humanism, its ties to traditional versions, and its expressions in today's culture, industry, and media.

AI and the Digital

  • Seminar Series
  • April 8th - June 17th 2024
© Tolucreations

This seminar series sets out to probe the more theoretical ramifications and implications of ‘AI and the Digital'. Together with international experts, participants are invited to discuss the entanglement of thought and technology.

The Seminar will be streamed lived and recorded.

Convened and hosted by Dr Audrey Borowski

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