AI and the Digital

This seminar series sets out to probe the more theoretical ramifications and implications of ‘AI and the Digital'. Together with international experts, participants are invited to discuss the entanglement of thought and technology.

Convened by Audrey Borowski


  • March 13 2023, 5pm (CET):

Justin Joque (Michigan): Probability/Identity: Statistics and Metaphysics in an Algorithmic World

  • March 27 2023, 5pm Uhr (CET)

David Bates (Berkeley): An Artificial History of Natural Intelligence

  • April 3 2023, 5pm (CET)

Alexander Galloway (NYU): "No Deconstruction without Computers": Learning to Code with Derrida and Kittler

  • April 10 2023, 5pm (CET)

A conversation with Audrey Borowski and George Dyson (IAS Princeton) on the Digital and the Analog

  • May 1 2023, 5pm (CET)

Galit Wellner (TAU/HIT): Digital Imagination: The Co-shaping of Human and Algorithmic Imagination

  • May 15 2023, 11am (CET)

Mercedes Bunz (KCL): On the Calculation of Meaning

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Desirable Digitalisation: Rethinking AI for Just and Sustainable Futures

The seminar series is organized as part of the ‘Desirable Digitalization: Rethinking AI for Just and Sustainable Futures’ research project, a collaboration between the Universities of Bonn and Cambridge, funded by Stiftung Mercator. The goal of the project is to explore how AI (artificial intelligence) and other digital technologies are influenced by concepts of the human and how they can be designed to be responsible, socially just and ecologically sustainable.


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Dr. Audrey Borowski


University of Bonn, Center for Science and Thought, Institute of Philosophy, Konrad-Zuse-Platz 1-3

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