24. May 2022

Call for Applications: Senior Fellowship Position Call for Applications: Senior Fellowship Position

Designing A.I. for Just and Sustainable Futures – Universität Bonn

Start: August/September 2022

Duration: 2.5 years, extendable once


The senior fellowship position is part of the research project Desirable Digitalisation: Rethinking AI for Just and Sustainable Futures, a cooperation of the Center for Science and Thought at the University of Bonn and the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence at the University of Cambridge, funded by the Mercator foundation.

The new research project comes as the European Commission negotiates its Artificial Intelligence Act, which has ambitions to ensure AI becomes more “trustworthy” and “human-centric”. The Act will require AI systems to be assessed for their impact on fundamental rights and values. The researchers on the Desirable Digitalisation project will collaboratively investigate the many questions that arise from these plans, such as: What exactly does a “human-centric” approach to AI look like? How can we meaningfully assess whether and how AI systems violate fundamental rights and values? And how can we foster awareness of discriminatory practices and how to stop them? The Desirable Digitalisation project is divided into two parts. In the first part, researchers will investigate intercultural perspectives on AI and fundamental rights and values. In the second part of the project, ‘Designing AI for Just and Sustainable Futures’, researchers from both universities will work with the AI industry to develop design and education principles that put sustainability and justice at the heart of technological progress.

As a fellow, you will be part of the Bonn team working on this second part of the project, led by Prof. Aimee van Wynsberghe, Humboldt Professor at the University of Bonn and project leader of the Sustainable A.I. Lab.


Who can apply?

We invite scholars from the wider field of applied ethics as well as gender studies to apply. Applicants must hold a doctorate and have outstanding expertise and experience in their respective field. Your work should have a clear connection to the general goal of the project Designing A.I. for Just and Sustainable Futures.


What do we offer?

We offer an inspiring research atmosphere in an interdisciplinary and international environment and a wide range of possibilities for intellectual exchange with researchers at the CST, the LCFI and the Sustainable AI Lab. During your stay in Bonn, we will provide you with a monthly stipend of 3.170€/month and a fully equipped office. Furthermore, you are cordially invited to participate with the conception of workshops and conferences.


Please send your application for a fellowship including your CV and a project exposé (500-1.000 words) in a PDF file digitally by July 31 2022 to c-schaefer@uni-bonn.de


If you have any questions or require further information, please contact Christiane Schaefer at c-schaefer@uni-bonn.de

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