15. June 2022

Rhineland Expressivism Workshop Event (REWE) 2023 Rhineland Expressivism Workshop Event (REWE)

Bonn, 23–24 June 2023.

REWE Meta-Semantik
REWE Meta-Semantik © Huw Price
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REWE2023 was a successor to the Rhineland Expressivism Workshop held in July 2022. The workshop was timed to give participants visiting the area the option of also attending the 5th Frankfurt Metaethics Conference (FrankMeta.5) on 23–24 June 2023.


Our Keynote Speaker was Professor Amie Thomasson (Dartmouth), who was also an invited speaker at FrankMeta.5. In addition to Thomasson’s keynote, there was a session led by Huw Price (Bonn), based on the forthcoming expanded edition of his book Facts and the Function of Truth (OUP, 2023). A full list of speakers appears below.


Speakers: Chris Blake-Turner (UAlabama), James Brown (Sheffield), Katherina Felka (Graz), Nils Franzén (Umeå), Charlotte Gauvry (Bonn), Eduardo Pérez Navarro (Barcelona), Huw Price (Bonn), Lionel Shapiro (UConn), Matthew Simpson (Cambridge), Amie Thomasson (Dartmouth), Ed Willems (York), José Zalabardo (UCL).


Venue: REWE2023 was held at the Centre for Science and Thought (CST), Konrad-Zuse-Platz 1-3, 53227 Bonn. CST is beside the Rhine, a short tram ride from the centre of Bonn.




Charlotte Gauvry (Bonn)

Christine Tiefensee (Frankfurt)

Huw Price (Bonn)

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