04. October 2023

Cyber Everything Cyber Everything (Cyber World - The Future is Now)

ARTE: Cyber World - The Future is Now

Shimon Dotan and Netaya Anbar are the current "Mecator Visiting Professors for AI in the Human Context" in the research project "Desirable Digitisation: Rethinking AI for Just and Sustainable Futures".

Their new documentary "Cyber Everything" is now available in the ARTE Mediathek.

The 92-minute long investigation outlines the changes that have taken place since the rapid emergence of the so-called cyber world - which is: today's social world under the primacy of the technological and digital.

The prefix cyber originates in ancient Greek and translates as "to control."

Accordingly, the question of whether humans really have everything under control in the digital and technological age runs like a thread through the entire film.

In "Cyber Everything", the fragile tension between control and loss of control is highlighted and critically discussed on the basis of contemporary phenomena such as the Internet, Big Data, artificial intelligence and the dangers of cyber war.

Prominent voices from politics, art, industry, academia and activism are represented in this discussion.

One of the most present voices is the philosopher and director of the "Center for Science and Thought" Prof. Dr. Markus Gabriel.

The documentary finally condenses the thesis that cyber is by no means just a complex assembly of tools, artifacts or ever new technologies. Rather, cyber reveals itself as an invisible organizing principle that reconfigures power structures and human interaction around the world.

Against this backdrop, the guiding thread of the investigation constricts into an open-ended but inescapable question:

What is the future of humanity in the cyber world?


Director: Shimon Dotan


Producer(s): Shimon Dotan, Netaya Anbar, Paul Cadieaux

Author: Shimon Dotan

Country: USA

Year: 2023

Origin: ARTE F

Shimon Dotan and Netaya Anbar teach at New York University's Graduate School of Journalism and other institutions. Together they founded Cinequest Films in Montreal, Canada, where they produced and directed several films. Their work has been screened in New York, Berlin, Chicago, Sundance and Montreal and has won awards at prestigious festivals such as NYFF, Berlin, Chicago and many others.

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