Borderline Consciousness

Borderline Consciousness

The 'Towards New Demarcation Criteria for Borderline Consciousness' Project is an interdisciplinary project involving a collaboration between philosophers of Bonn and Cambridge and neuroscientists from the epilepsy clinic in Bonn. Its main purpose is to create an international research forum to develop new criteria for determining whether and when non-human entities, such as non-linguistic animals, new brain organisms, or advanced AI systems can be considered conscious. The project includes the borderline website and the borderline blog on which articles but also interviews of various actors of the departments of epilepsy and IT are regularly posted and an international conference in Bonn in September 2023.

Funded by the Transdisciplinary Research Area (TRA) “Individuals, Institutions and Societies” (University of Bonn) as part of the Excellence Strategy of the federal and state governments.

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Principal Investigator: Charlotte Gauvry (Bonn, CST)

Collaborators: Uwe Peters (Bonn-Cambridge, CST-LCFI) and Theodor Rüber (Bonn, Epilepsy Clinic)
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