12. January 2024

Dr. Ana Ilievska Discusses AI's Future and the Significance of Humanities in Exclusive 'World Summit AI' Blog Interview Dr. Ana Ilievska in Exclusive 'World Summit AI' Blog Interview

Dr Ana Iievska, Senior Research Fellow at CST, was invited to present at the 2023 World Summit AI in Amsterdam. On 11.Oct.2023, she spoke on "Exploring ChatGPT's cognitive abilities: The prospects of critical thinking and the humanities in the era of Generative AI". Addressing the World Summit AI's global audience of influential business leaders, scientists, and technologists, Dr Ilievska shed light on the potential advantages and threats related to human (critical) thinking in the era of (generative) artificial intelligence and advancements like ChatGPT. Stressing the significance of collaboration, she explored strategies to strengthen the partnership between academia and industry, advocating for a collective approach to address the complex challenges of our time.

Leading up to the event, Dr Ilievska sat down for an interview with the World Summit AI team, providing her perspective on the future of AI. In the interview, she delves into key aspects covered in her talk, offering a more comprehensive context.
The full interview is now accessible: LINK

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