27. April 2022

Digital Mercator Salon with Markus Gabriel: What Artificial Intelligence Does to Us as Humans Digital Mercator Salon with Markus Gabriel: What Artificial Intelligence Does to Us as Humans

Artificial intelligence (AI) is profoundly changing people and the human self-image, more than any technology has ever done before, the philosopher Markus Gabriel from Bonn is convinced. Yet AI has long been part of our everyday lives: it is behind digital assistants such as Alexa and Siri. Algorithms sort our newsfeed in social networks and evaluate us when we apply for a loan or look for a job.

As machines increasingly take over tasks that were previously reserved for humans, as they influence our lives in more and more areas, we are challenged to question our idea of what it means to be human, to be intelligent, and to make free decisions. The increasing use of AI systems also raises ethical questions and is accompanied by considerable risks, for example if racist discrimination is reproduced or even reinforced by AI. In the political and public debate, there are therefore repeated calls for AI use to be "human-centered" or "value-based."

But what does that mean exactly? Can we agree on values across cultures and countries? Why, for example, are Germans rather skeptical about the use of care robots, while they are widely used in Japan? And how can fundamental values such as the inviolability of human dignity, self-determination, and justice serve as guardrails for the development and use of AI systems?

Journalist Svea Eckert will discuss these and other questions with Markus Gabriel as part of the Mercator Digital Salon.

Therefore, the CST would like to draw attention to this event.


Conversation with
Markus Gabriel, Professor of Epistemology and Philosophy of the Modern and Contemporary Era and Director of the CST at the University of Bonn, currently Fellow in the Foundations of Value and Values program at the New Institute in Hamburg.


Svea Eckert, tech journalist, moderator


6:00 p.m.
Admission and welcome
Moderated discussion between Svea Eckert and Markus Gabriel
Moderated question and answer session via chat

The event is part of the AI Biennale Essen, an interdisciplinary festival about Artificial Intelligence in culture, society, science and economy. It will take place from April 22 to June 8 at various locations in Essen. For the full program of the AI Biennale, visit www.ki-biennale.de.


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