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Jan Voosholz

Research Associate and Science Manager of the CST

Curriculum Vitae:   (PDF version available in German and English) 
Jan Voosholz

Areas of Expertise in Teaching and Research

Areas of Specialisation: 
Ontology and Metaphysics (New and speculative Realismus, realism and antirealism, classiscal modern, postanalytic and poststructuralist topics)

Areas of Competence:
Philosophy and history of science (classical analytic philosophy of science, discourse-analytical, feminist and decolonial critiques of science, theories of causation and emergence, history and philosophy of physics)
Epistemology (ancient, early modern and modern skepticism, problem of induction, Wittgenstein, naturalism, socio-cultural constitution of knowledge)

Work address

Room 2.005
Center for Science and Thought
Institut für Philosophie
Universität Bonn
Poppelsdorfer Allee 28
53115 Bonn

Telephone: +49 (0)228/73-62042
E-Mail: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]

Teaching duties in summer semester 2019

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Quentin Meillassoux's After Finitude; Wednesday 16–18, Medium seminar room of the Philosophy Institute

The Problem of Induction; Wednesday 10–12, Big seminar room of the Philosophy Institute

Winter semester 2018/2019

Bas van Fraassens The Scientific Image; Wednesday 14–16, Medium seminar room of the Philosophy Institute

Summer semester 2018

(Also see basis)

The Realism-Antirealism Debate in Contemporary Epistemology; Tuesday 12:00-14:00, Big seminar room of the Philosophy Institute 

Colloquium on French Philosophy: Given and Givenness; organised together with Sergio Genovesi, Tuesday 18:00–20:00, Seminar room of the CST

Winter semester 2017/2018

Epistemology tutorial; Monday 16:00–18:00; Seminar room of the CST

Colloquium on French Philosophy: Possibilities, Impossibilities and Necessity; organised together with Sergio Genovesi, every other Monday 18:00-20:00, Seminar room oft he CST 



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