15. June 2022

Rhineland Expressivism Workshop Event (REWE) Rhineland Expressivism Workshop Event (REWE)

Bonn, 1–2 July 2022

REWE Meta-Semantik
REWE Meta-Semantik © Huw Price
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This workshop is an informal meet-up for philosophers interested in expressivism, broadly construed, in the Rhineland area, broadly construed. The emphasis will be on short, informal presentations on current research, so that participants can find out about each other’s interests and projects. There will also be an opportunity to discuss possible future meetings and conferences.


Speakers will include Sebastian Hengst (Munich), Luca Incurvati (Amsterdam), Moritz Müller (Bonn), Huw Price (Bonn), Irina Schumski (Tübingen), Christine Tiefensee (Frankfurt School), Herman Veluwenkamp (Delft), and Nadja-Mira Yolcu (Mannheim).


The meeting will be open to all, but please register in advance. Further offers of talks are also welcome. Please send offers of talks to Huw Price (hprice@uni-bonn.de), and registration and other enquiries to Christiane Schäfer (c-schaefer@uni-bonn.de).

Time: 14:00 Friday 1 July to 12:30 Saturday 2 July.

To see the presentation titles and timetable, please use the following link: https://bit.ly/REWE2022

Location: Online (A zoom-link will be forwarded to all participants via mail)


Charlotte Gauvry (Bonn)

Huw Price (Bonn)

Christine Tiefensee (Frankfurt)


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